The Millennial Life Coach

Turning 30 with Emma Wilson

December 13, 2022 Jessica Knight Season 1 Episode 12
The Millennial Life Coach
Turning 30 with Emma Wilson
Show Notes

Emma Wilson, the Turning 30 Coach, joins me to debunk the myth that by the time we reach our thirties that we should have all our shit together. Emma shares her story on how she became a coach and we talk dating, career and boundaries in friendship. This is a must-listen episode for everyone having a Millennial Life Crisis!

Emma a life coach dedicated to helping those who are turning 30 to feel better at this transitional time. After experiencing her own personal turning 30 struggles six years ago, Emma began her mission to help others struggling with the 'thirty pressures', helping her clients to feel more confident and get unstuck in all areas of life from careers, dating, friendships, finances, lifestyle and more. 

Through 1:1 coaching, courses, group programs and her podcast "The Turning 30 Podcast", Emma guides thirty-somethings to ditch the timelines and the 'shoulds' to create a life in their thirties that feels right for them.

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