The Millennial Life Coach

Interview with a Love Witch

November 01, 2022 Jessica Knight Season 1 Episode 7
The Millennial Life Coach
Interview with a Love Witch
Show Notes

Interview with Sensual Coach Gwen Walsh. Gwen is a Tarot Reader, Intuitive and Sensual Coach. Working with Gwen throughout my Emotionally Abusive and Toxic relationship helped me experience my life as a viewer and step out of my own way - offering a new perspective on my situation when "thinking" through it didn't.

I've worked with Gwen through all areas of life, including my romantic relationship, business, my daughter and my former marriage.

This episode explores how working with Tarot can help inform relationships, how we work with relationships, and how Gwen approaches specific issues in relationships. We also get geeky and talk about specific Tarot cards and how we interpret them.

This podcast was originally posted on my other Podcast on Toxic Relationships, The Relationship Recovery Podcast

I highly recommend booking a reading with her if you feel stuck and need to shake things up. You can learn more about Gwen's work and the specific offerings she mentions here:

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